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“A Little Bit About the Boucherie”
By: Jeffery D. Burge

You have a stomach? It’s empty? Well let’s fix that! The Patasa Cooking Krewe is very eager to return to Chicot State Park to do another full boucherie for everyone to watch, help with, and most importantly, to eat! We are a group of guys from the tri-parish area ranging in age from 10 to 60. Our rendition of a traditional Cajun boucherie may vary from what you’ve seen, or what you’ve done, so let’s learn something from each other!
The pig is going to show up on four feet that morning and be disassembled and prepared in 7 different dishes. The 7 dishes are as follows: boudin, gratons, smoked sausage, pounce, backbone stew, fressure, and barbecued ribs. The process is going to be very enjoyable as well as labor intensive, so help is both welcomed and encouraged. (Just maybe don’t wear your Sunday clothes if you plan on helping). So listen, If you like us and want to have a bon time, come out and see us Saturday morning. Enjoy responsibly, and Behave Your Damn Self.  Allons!

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